Swinging Gates VS. Sliding Gates

  Homes and businesses across the world benefit from the enhanced security that gates bring. Not only do they deter intruders and effectively control access in and out of your property, you can choose a material and style to create a truly bespoke addition to your grounds.  Once you have a design in mind, it’s […]

How Can I Maintain my Gate and Automation System?

How Can I Maintain my Gate and Automation System? Having an automatic gate system gives you the luxury of convenience. It also gives you the security and safety of your property everyday. Just like other things we have in life, we need to maintain and service them to make sure they are in good shape, […]

Why Do I Need an Automatic Gate System?

Gates add value and security to your property. They’re also your main control for access to who goes in and out and serve as a point of entry to your home, business, and land. The first electric gates were invented in 1881, and the benefits of the automated gates have also evolved, catering the needs […]

Presenting one of our installations last week.

Our Heavy-duty Swing Gate Opener SW-03 and accessories will definitely provide additional security, convenience, and finesse to your amazing homes and properties! Successfully Installed SW-03 1000KG Heavy Duty Capacity Swing Gate Mechanism with Complete Safety Accessories Installation Service (Highly Skilled Technical Team) 1 Year Warranty with Spare Parts (Non-Human Error) Fully Vaccinated Technicians After Sales […]


We are passionate about our business and strive to provide the best service possible. We truly appreciate your support and can’t wait for the opportunity to serve you again. Thank you, customers!ALTECH AUTOGATE is commercially viable and equipped with professional administrative personnel that smoothly handles every customer’s needs from product line inquiries, project proposals, ideal […]