Increasing road traffic intensity is a high issue of Traffic Safety that is becoming more crucial requirement of the time. Survey shows that road traffic accidents are increasing and it is happening due to speed of vehicle. If drivers lose attention, there are more chances to get out of the Lane and they could meet an accident. There is a certain amount of public, who adopt safety measures on highway, and people normally considered that motor vehicle crashing and injuries are a society problem. They have nothing to do with it. There are different periods that are used to separate the speed of cars on road and it based on different functions that are divided into two types such as flexible system and rigid barriers. The barriers are based on technical requirement and it appears on parks and surroundings. Different barriers are based on cost effective and flexible system that impact to overcome the chances of risk. These barriers are necessary to prevent to enter in opposite land and across into opposite land that could use in preventive measures. These speed barriers are based on the material that are helpful to provide cost effectiveness in the construction of roads and also provide prevention from horrible car accidents in crowded areas. These barriers are considered useful in prevention of road accidents.

The formation of these barriers is made according to the requirement to overcome the damage to vehicle if there is any accident happened. There are several factors that are considered important while choosing the material of barriers in proper work zone and the intersection that provide proper division of implementing these barriers. The barriers are implemented after the division of location of speed and also set the location according to the division of main Road Bazaar and highways. The primary objective of implementation of barrier is clear strength of equal served with the inappropriate speed and also provides them kinetic energy that could be helpful to overcome the chances of accident. These barriers are who could be helpful to maintain the separator security of vehicles, and it depends upon the risk that is available to overcome the chances of accident. The mechanism of barriers is arranged in such a way that it shows unnecessary difference that could be used to overcome down chances of traffic accident and if car left the corner, the car was reflected and contact with barriers that could helpful to overcome the speed of car. These barriers are economical and considered in easy to install in the road construction and provide small signs that could be helpful to provide the satisfactory requirements for infrastructure. Barriers are used to redirect the control of equals and it goes on several improvements that are required to implement for both permanent and temporary number of questions of traffic. It required implementing with the material that is used to make possible outcomes between the barriers and the car and provide the momentum that could be helpful to control the speed of car.