Advertising Boom Barrier



Automatic advertising boom car barrier ALTECH CB-8601


Parking advertising barrier gate system for car parking system and road safety, is a new type of barrier gate which is widely used in parking lot, residential quarters, schools, streets, hotels etc.

Compare to traditional barrier gate, advertising barrier is safer, more beautiful, more valuable. It is fashion media which can provides higher profits for you.


Auto open function (pressure sensor): The arm will be lifted if the arm meets any obstacles during closing barrier;

Anti –crash function (Loop detector): Barrier will open at once if loop gets open signal during closing barrier. And arm cannot be closed if any car stays under the arm;

Open first function: Barrier will open at once if barrier gets open signal. No matter what status the barrier is;

Rubber is installed in arm bottom. Can decrease damage if any accident happens.


  • Power supply: 220V±10%、50/60Hz
  • Motor’s power: 200W
  • Environment temperature: -40~50℃
  • Length of AD:≤4m
  • Landing speed:standard 6s、less than 3m is customizable 4s
  • Remote control distance: ≥30m
  • Carton advertising paper effective size. (height×width):950×460mm
  • Blade size for single piece of advertising.    (height×width):800×96mm
  • Road brake lever advertising screen size. (height×width):800×96mm×Number of advertising blades
  • The gate lever is off the ground level:1155mm
  • Product dimensions(length×width×height):500mm×330×1203(Plain model)