Radio Frequency Identification RFID simply plays a vital role in the prevention of a non authorized access to personal data and provides a secure environment that includes physical and inflectional proper security of cars. For this purpose there could be use of various locks and mechanical logs that could provide complete satisfaction, but the basic problem in this lock that it could be easily hacked by unwanted people and they get unauthorized access. For the solution of this problem, there are several automatic access control technologies that are used to assess the proper security system, such as the radio frequency identification RFID applied in security system, and it is based on emerging technology that is most rapidly growing. In the field of security system RFID provide two different kinds of performance that is used in automatic identification system and many areas are considered such as public and government. Data is used to prevent from unauthorized access with the help of RFID. RFID security based system is based on control system and it is designed to provide proper security in hospitals and universities. The basic advantage of this system is that it provides complete security and control is handled by one person, and there are also more controllers arranged in exit and entrance to monitor the controller. It is based on developing systems that provide reducing security threats and also provide in the computer system that is capable to make real time images.

RFID is a system that is based on non contact technology and it is widely used in many industries to track the personnel, access control, and security system in cars. Radio Frequency Identification system is based on two main components that are tagged with the location and it could be identified with the installation of secured entrance. It is based on electronic microchips that are near to electromagnetic field of installation of advanced security systems that provide information about the existence of any object.

It is a prototype automatic access control system that is used to secure the system of the working environment or any Department based on automatic control access system. RFID provide proper and successful security system that has no match in the market and automatic process control system to use identification frequency that is functions according to the requirement of security system. This system could be used to install in the cars to prevent the unauthorized access of an individual to the vehicle and it provide complete security system and avoid chances of misplacement of vehicle. This automatic control system analyzed on different criteria such as cost, energy consumption and stability, and it shows that it provides significant increase. The RFID control system is based on economical installation and the enhancement in area of cost, energy consumption and stability and it also related with the volume or space that is used in this security system. It has low energy consumption as compared to other security system and provides equal satisfaction in almost same price.