Car Barrier CB-2830

1. The operation speed can be adjusted (1.2s to 6s)
2. Gate swiftly opens using a manual clutch device.
3. Arm direction can be changed fast. Arm may self-lock when open or closed, which is dependable and safe.
4. Relay switch output for the barrier gate up and down signal.
5. R&G Signal output from the traffic light relay switch.
6. Interface for external loop detector signal anti-smashing.
7. When an obstacle or a person cuts the infrared beam, the receiving sensor sends an alert to the main control unit, which stops the motors and puts the system into safety mode.
8. interface for count mode.
9. When a vehicle strikes a barrier gate, the arm has a swing-out function to stop additional harm.
10. arm auto reverse function with high sensitivity (intensity is adjustable).
11. interface for the parking system

VARIATIONS: Articulated 180°, Articulated 90°, Double Fence Type, Fence Type, Straight, Straight Soft Round

Articulated 180°
Articulated 90°
Double Fence Type
Fence Type
Straight Soft Round
left position
right position
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