Swing Gate Openers SW-01A

This double gate opening system is a robust, tuff, long lasting, this type double swing gates can
handle light gates up to 2 m in length and 200kg weight per leaf. SW-01A swing gate operators
have a sleek designed telescopic linear screw type actuator that is made of aluminum with a cast
alloy motor housing. Motors and gears are made of metal (no plastic, fiber or nylon).
SW-01A swing gate opener is fitted with an emergency manual override on each actuator to
allow the user to open the gates manually in case of an emergency such as a power failure

1.Easy to install and operate, and easy to connect wired.
2.Open and close the gate by remote control and keypad.
3.Time promotion function. when open gate, speed is slow, then a little quick, and when
close the door, speed is slow again.
4.In case of power failure, release the clutch easily, and can operate the gate manually.
5.Stop working when gate meets with obstacle.

Digital LED Menu brings an easy setting, plug and play
Available to set pedestrian mode
Adjustable working time
Adjustable resistance sensitive
Adjust auto-closing time
Terminal available for loop detector, photocell, push button, keypad, access control equipment
Custom rolling code makes the system more secure, high anti-theft performance

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