Swing Gate Openers SW-01


Electromechanical linear gear type opener for swing gates up to 2 meters width per leaf and maximum weight of 500kg (250 per leaf). The materials and high-quality mechanics assure utmost reliability and long-time duration. The actuators are made of stainless steel/aluminum and have a sleek design. This type of gate opener is designed specifically for swing gates that are relatively light in weight and do not require a heavy-duty motor or mechanism to operate. These are typically suitable for residential or low-traffic commercial properties with smaller or lightweight swing gates. The gate size and design should also be compatible with the opener’s capacity.

  • Easy to install and operate;
  • Soft start and soft stop
  • Pedestrian mode with operating single leaf
  • Auto close with adjustable timer;
  • Automatically stops when meets an obstacle during operation
  • Comes with customized key for manual release in case of power failure
  • Adjustable opening/closing interval time of each single gate panel
  • Compatible supports of 24VDC back-up battery and solar panel accessories

• security and privacy;
• upgrade property value;
• safety for your children and pets;
• convenient parking assistance
• hassle free
• 1-year warranty

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