Swing Gate Openers SW-02L


A solid gate swing motor for residential swing gates ranging up to 3.5 meters of length per leaf; and a maximum weight of 700kg (350kg per leaf). ALTECH’s Medium Weight Gate openers are available in three different stroke lengths: 300mm, 400mm, 600mm. The structure is composed of die-cast aluminum shells and stainless steel tubes. Carefully selected high quality materials with guaranteed maximum reliability and durable that can withstand various weather conditions, and reliable operation over time. These can be powered by electricity, batteries, or solar panels, allowing users to choose the most suitable power source for their specific needs and location. It often come with a variety of control options, including remote controls, keypads, and smartphone connectivity. This provides convenience and flexibility for users. Installation requires no modification to the existing gate structure.


Easy to install and operate;
Soft start and soft stop
Pedestrian mode with operating single leaf
Autoclose with adjustable timer;
Automatically stops when meets an obstacle during operation
Easy to switch into manual mode in case of power failure
Adjustable opening/closing interval time of each single gate panel
Compatible supports of 24VDC back-up battery and solar panel accessories

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