CF-661L UHF Middle Range Reader

RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) Reader: Essential component of an access control system that allows only authorized vehicles to enter and exit a secured area. These readers interact with RFID stickers, cards, or tags installed in vehicles to determine the access and control of the car barrier.

• RFID Antenna: The reader typically includes an integrated RFID antenna or multiple antennas for detecting RFID tags in the vicinity.
• Operating Frequency: RFID readers operate at Ultra-High Frequency (UHF).
• Read Range: The read range of the RFID reader can vary from a few centimeters to several meters, depending on the
chosen model. ALTECH’s RFID Readers can read up to a maximum of 10 meters.
• Power Supply: RFID readers are designed to work with standard power supply at 12V DC.
• Durability: To withstand outdoor conditions, RFID readers are often built with weather-resistant or rugged enclosures, offering protection against dust, moisture, and temperature extremes.
• Mounting Options: These readers can be wall-mounted, pole-mounted, or integrated into existing infrastructure, depending on the specific installation requirements.
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