Telescopic Sliding Gate Hardware Set SMJ-01

This is a telescopic sliding gate hardware installation kit with all the parts required for a telescopic sliding gate. High quality galvanized compact yet extraordinarily strong conversion kits with heavy-duty stainless steel 4mm 10m cable, and this kit is complete and ready to install for up to 8m (max of 10m) telescopic sliding gates. For example, traditionally a 4m sliding gate requires another 4m of space away from the driveway opening for the gate to slide into. The telescopic systems will almost halve this space required for the gate to slide into, this is because the telescopic systems enable the second gate to be pulled by the first gate once the first gate starts to move. Key Features of Telescopic Gate: Sealed bearings not bushings Three cable tensioning points to allow an easier installation (other suppliers only one tensioning point)Adjustable bracketing provides for the use of recess mount or flat mounted wheels. All hard parts are galvanized. All assembly screws are galvanized. Telescopic 10m cable is stainless steel

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