Speed Hump End Part Black SH-215E(B)

Speed Hump End Part – Black

A speed hump creates a gentle rocking sensation in a car passing over it at the posted speed limit. If a car is driving at an unsafe speed, the hump will jar the vehicle and its contents, causing discomfort to the occupants and disruption to cargo. These obstacles usually span the lane they are placed in. This way, vehicles are encouraged to pass over them with both wheels.

Product details of Rubber Humps Speed Bump Speed Hump –

Speed Bumps are constructed from a very durable blend of vulcanized rubber. – These economy rubber speed bumps are designed to reduce and control the speed of vehicles in parking lots, roadways, and private lanes. – Our speed bumps include high visibility yellow stripes which are molded into the speed bump for durability and embedded glass reflectors for increased visibility.

Material: Vulcanized Rubber Color: Black with yellow EPDM rubber stripes

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