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Presenting one of our installations last week.

Our Heavy-duty Swing Gate Opener SW-03 and accessories will definitely provide additional security, convenience, and finesse to your amazing homes and properties!

✅ Successfully Installed SW-03 1000KG Heavy Duty Capacity Swing Gate Mechanism with Complete Safety Accessories

✅ Installation Service (Highly Skilled Technical Team)

✅ 1 Year Warranty with Spare Parts (Non-Human Error)

✅ Fully Vaccinated Technicians

✅ After Sales (Spare parts) | Warehouse on hand stocks.

🏆 Q-Asia Quality Excellence and Service Award 2020-2021

Office Sales Inquiries:

Viber and WeChat📞📱 0917-182-0136 / 0917-870-9928 / 0942-075-2152