Why Do I Need an Automatic Gate System?

Gates add value and security to your property. They’re also your main control for access to who goes in and out and serve as a point of entry to your home, business, and land.

The first electric gates were invented in 1881, and the benefits of the automated gates have also evolved, catering the needs of each generation of homeowners and business owners to increase the security and the convenience of opening and closing an entry point structure. 

Automatic gate systems use electric motors to open and close gates through the use of a transmitter. In Altech Autogate, our core products are the Automatic Sliding Gate Openers and the Automatic Swing Gate Openers. These automated gates can be opened using our provided remote controls, or with the use of your phone. This is an added benefit for convenience. 

Here in the Philippines, after the long traffic going home, we just want to get out of the car and rest. But, before you can even get into your house, you must open and close the gate manually, right? Such a hassle! That is why we recommend getting an automated gate system where you can just click the remote and the gate will automatically open for you. Easy as pie.

Our automatic gate system is powered using your direct power supply and it can be supported by a battery or photocell (solar), which we also have as an additional accessory. We recommend getting the batteries or photocells as a viable option if you have frequent power issues in your area. 

Here are some of the benefits of installing an automatic gate on your property:

  1. Safety
  • Automatic gates are great in keeping our property, family, pets, and assets safe. No “Marites” can also meddle or open the gate unannounced since you, and only you, can open the gate with your remotes or phones. 
  1. Increases your property value
  • Having a security automatic gate can increase the value of your home or building by up to 5%. A great deal especially if you have plans of selling your property in the future. 
  1. Convenience
  • The most obvious benefit that you can get from your automatic gate is the convenience of not having to physically open the gate. Especially here in the Philippines, when it is the rainy season, it’s hard for us to get out of our car just to open our gate, we’ll be drenched!

An automatic gate for your property is WORTH THE INVESTMENT. 

Get your automatic gate system with Altech Autogate today!