How Can I Maintain my Gate and Automation System?

How Can I Maintain my Gate and Automation System?

Having an automatic gate system gives you the luxury of convenience. It also gives you the security and safety of your property everyday. Just like other things we have in life, we need to maintain and service them to make sure they are in good shape, right?

What needs most of your maintenance is your gate. Most of the maintenance can be done easily at home without the need for a professional, so be sure to try any of the following tips to keep your automatic gate working well!

  • Clean Them
  • A simple yet effective form of maintenance, be sure to give your gate a proper clean once every year, while performing minor cleaning here and there when necessary. For example, even only washing and waxing your gate once a year will keep it looking great for a long time to come, helping to maintain paintwork and prevent rusting. 

A build-up of dirt and dust can develop in no time without regular cleaning, so be sure to keep an eye on how unclean the gate is to help keep rust away from any metal section of your gate. Doing this will prolong the appearance of the gate, meaning you won’t have to pay for an expensive – and time consuming – refurb any time soon.

  • Lubricate Frequently
  • Of course, you won’t need to lubricate the entire gate, just the important parts! Your gate provider should have a recommended lubricant for your gate, which should typically be applied every six months or so.

 As these are the parts that make the gate work, you’ll want to maintain them as best you can to save yourself a much costlier repair down the line! Be sure to lubricate the chain, pulley, wheels, hinges, screws and any other important parts. 

Also, never use WD 40 or heavy oil to lubricate parts, instead use white lithium grease, oil (beware of how messy this is!), or a silicon based lubricant.

  • Get Altech Autogate’s System
  • Most of the Automatic Gate Systems still have the Hydraulic Motor which requires you to maintain it with grease or lubricant. But, here in Altech Autogate, our new gear motor mechanism needs no maintenance in any way. It has its own grease or lubricant inside. It’s also waterproof so if your gate gets dirty, you can just splash some water to clean it. 

For top-notch automatic gates for your home or business, Altech Autogate is the best and trusted choice. We have made more than 10,000 properties, homeowners, and business owners secured, safer, and happy in our 10 years of service.