Swinging Gates VS. Sliding Gates


Homes and businesses across the world benefit from the enhanced security that gates bring. Not only do they deter intruders and effectively control access in and out of your property, you can choose a material and style to create a truly bespoke addition to your grounds. 

Once you have a design in mind, it’s time to choose between swing and sliding gates. But, what are the benefits of each? And which is best suited to your premises? If you are still planning on how you want your gates to look like, then this blog can definitely help you decide. 

Here in the Philippines, the most common gate you can see in houses are the swinging gates. While we usually see sliding gates for large businesses in Manila or any cities. The main difference between the two is that the sliding gates slide in and out while the swinging gates swing open and close in a wide half-circle. 



When do you choose a swinging gate?

The main benefit of having a swing gate is that it needs incredibly low maintenance. It requires no concrete work or steel beams, unlike the sliding gate. Plus, it’s cheaper than sliding gates. 

When do you choose a sliding gate?


Most commonly used when other gate installations aren’t possible, sliding gates are great if you have limited space and rough ground. Rather than having a gate that opens inwards or outwards, sliding gates either run on tracks or a trackless cantilever system.

Deciding between sliding gates and swing gates can be a tricky decision to make. Luckily, either you choose to have a sliding gate or a swing gate, Altech Autogate can definitely help you automating both, plus we can recommend other types of gate automation system and security for your properties!