Panel Selections for Automatic Sectional Garage Door

When selecting materials for automatic Sectional Garage Door panels, Polyurethane and Acrylic Glass are the two selections available to choose from.

Polyurethane panels highlights the insulation benefit, offering temperature efficiency that can maintain a consistent temperature inside the garage. This can benefit especially in the Philippines with extreme climate. This can help lower energy consumption. The durability of polyurethane is another benefit, as it resists dents and scratches, ensuring longevity. Additionally, polyurethane contributes to noise reduction, creating a quieter environment both within and outside the garage. Polyurethane, while excellent for insulation and durability, may not offer the same modern look as glass.

The second type is the Acrylic Glass Panels. This is for those who opted for a modern garage look. It also allows natural light inside the garage which is a significant factor to consider because it is making the garage space brighter. This panel is also lightweight to contribute to having smoother and more efficient automatic garage door operation. High-quality acrylic glass offers impact resistance and can be UV-resistant, preventing yellowing and maintaining clarity over time. On the other hand, acrylic glass, though visually appealing, does not provide the same level of insulation as polyurethane. It can also be more prone to scratches, which might affect its long-term appearance.

If you want to focus on insulation and durability, polyurethane may be the better choice. If you prioritize aesthetics and having natural light inside the garage, acrylic glass panels could be the more suitable option.

Still undecided whether to choose ALTECH’s Polyurethane panels or Acrylic Glass for your Automatic Sectional Garage Door?



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