Swing Bi-folding Gates: Railings & Rollers or Trackless Mechanism

Swing Bi-fold Gate is a good choice for properties where space is limited. This is designed for the swing gates to fold to reduce the space needed to open and close. When choosing a bi-fold gate, one critical decision is selecting the right hardware for operation. There are two primary options: railings and rollers or trackless mechanisms.

Gate rollers

Railings and Rollers

  • Automatic bi-folding gates with railings and rollers are less expensive to install and maintain.
  • This is durable and can withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions.
  • The railings and rollers is already well-understood mechanism as it is used for decades.
  • Lower repair and maintenance cost. The components are more common and easier to replace.
  • However, railings can collect debris, which requires regular cleaning to ensure smooth operation.

An example of Bi-Fold gate with railings and rollers.

Trackless Mechanism

  • It offers a modern look without the need for ground tracks, which can disrupt the clean lines of your driveway.
  • There will be less or no debris clogging the mechanism or causing wear and tear.
  • Trackless systems often use advanced technology for smooth and quiet operation, providing a premium user experience.
  • While maintenance may be less frequent, repairs can be more complex and costly.

An example of Bi-Fold gate with trackless mechanism.

When deciding between railings and rollers or trackless mechanism for your automatic bi-folding gate, consider the following factors: Budget, Aesthetics, Usage, and Maintenance.



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